Highlight of Qualifications
•       17 years of facilitation of program & individual educational development, supportive housing services, life-skills, health and wellness, professional development, and self-mastery training.

•       17 years strategic planning (concerts, corporate celebrations, fundraisers, seminars, forums, and conferences), contract negotiation, budget management, and public relation.

•       16 Human Resources Management: communication, change management, conflict resolution, duel focus, and professional development.

•       15 years of management experience, providing risk management, feasibility studies, resource & program development, and case management.

•       15 years of developing and managing partnerships across private and public sector.

•       15 years’ experience implementing individual and organizational development/action planning for projects and participants.

•       13 years of fundraising, compliance, and program evaluation experience.

•       10 years building and developing relationships, in order to create community relations for the purpose of equal exchange of service and product.

•       Excellent supervision and team building skills that reach agency outcomes, impact, and capacity building.


Professional Experience:


Excel Roseville                                                           July 2014 – present                  Roseville, CA

Executive Director

•       Overseeing and coordinating all aspects of budgeting and financial management.

•       Prepared and executed annual development and operating plans.

•       Assisted federal and state government agencies and national organizations to develop policy.

•       Managed grant contracts, subcontracts, and coached staff to reach performance measures and meet agency goals and outcomes.

•       Performed presentations for planning commission, city council, county supervisors, chief of police, and other community based organizations.

•       Managed capital campaign, for new building and college fund.


East County Boys & Girls Club                                  April 2012 – 2014                    Pittsburg, CA

Executive Director

•       Generated over $395,000 operational funds in grants and contracts in first year of appointment.

•       Translated business objectives and strategies to develop the agency’s brand portfolio, and develop future expansion projects and sustainability.

•       Launched Business Improvement Plan by campaigning with city & district officials, community based organizations, community members, parents, and business owners to bring them on board to support the renewal which would be instrumental in continuing to build an operational infrastructure to promote revenue growth.

•       Managed grant contracts, subcontracts, and coached staff to reach performance measures and meet agency goals and outcomes.

•       Established strategic partnerships with various regional and national organizations dealing with youth, development, parent involvement, and student support programs and services.

•       Delivered oral and written presentations for the purpose of recruitment and fund development to the agency.

•       Obtained extensive knowledge in combining planning with tactical execution to optimize long-term gains in performance, revenues and profitability.

•       Built content for grant applications, curriculum (health & wellness, life-skills, and professional development) and capacity building.


Juma Ventures                                                             July 2007 – August 2010         Oakland, CA

Program Supervisor
•       Launched agency’s first expansion program, which resulted in the hiring of over 400 youth and five adult staff within a three-year period.

•       Translated business objectives and strategies to develop brand portfolio and future expansion projects.

•       Collaborated with internal and external agencies to perform analysis, implementation of projects, and operational duties.

•       Generated evaluation reports across program areas for youth services, assets services and youth employment; provided in-service for school staff regarding identification of high-risk students.

•       Managed grant contracts, subcontracts, and coached staff to reach performance measures and meet agency goals and outcomes.

•       Hired, supervised and trained staff in academics, youth development, employment, housing, health and wellness, and life skills programming.


Beyond Emancipation (Contract)                                 June 2006 – June 2007             Oakland, CA

Employment & Training Manager
•       Developed MOUs to ensure compliance with grants and agency’s policies and procedures.

•       Built content for grant applications, curriculum (health & wellness, life-skills, and professional development) and capacity building.

•       Consulted with Development Director and Senior Management team in the areas of grant initiative design and strategy development.

•       Delivered oral and written presentations for the purpose of recruitment and fund development to the agency.


Oakland Unified School District                                  August 2004 – June 2006         Oakland, CA

Program/Case Manager
•       Provided maintenance of archives of the building blueprints and operations records and oversaw the coordination of building space allocation, layout and communication services.

•       Collaborated with referral agencies to identify community resources for clients to become self-sufficient.

•       Facilitated team building, health and wellness, life-skills, and self-mastery directed activities and initiatives.

•       Developed and implemented standard operating procedures for Operations Department.


Alameda County ILSP                                                 June 1999 – August 2004         Oakland, CA

Program Outreach/Housing Manager
•       Conducted one-on-one counseling sessions to assess clients educational, residential and employment needs, making appropriate referrals when needed (for 300 youth per year).

•       Delivered oral and written presentations for the purpose of recruitment and fund development to the agency.

•       Developed and facilitated life-skill curriculum.

•       Collected, maintained, and updated information to keep database current regarding available social service programs for client referral purposes.

•       Contributed in developing and implementing screening processes for determining initial client eligibility for subsidized housing.


California State University, Long Beach                      July 1997- June 1999                          Long Beach, CA

Program Coordinator/Concert Commissioner

•       Developed brand management materials for CSULB Concert Commission’s programming.

•       Designed, implemented, and facilitated annual marketing plan for the agency and specific projects.

•       Provided Event Operations, including all set up and changeover, event production, stagehand call and crewing. Provided logistical support for fundraising events.

•       Developed projects throughout its original life cycle to meet all preconceived needs.

•       Collaborated with internal and external agencies to perform analysis development, and implementation on projects and operational duties.

•       Provided event planning to promote program and developed branding to retain student and staff.  (i.e. Black Eye Peas, Jon B., and Lauren Concerts at California State University, Long Beach).


Master of Arts in Kinesiology & Sports Management
Pending 2017
Moraga, CA
Saint Mary’s College

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre & Directing;
July 2007
Hayward, CA
Minor in Sociology

California State University, Hayward


Civic Engagement and Community Awards
Lotus Bloom

Health/Fitness/Wellness Trainer

September 2011                Oakland, CA
Adonal Foyle Basketball & Academic Camp

August 2011

Oakland, CA

Oakland Raiders

Marketing Intern

August 2011

Oakland, CA
Golden State Warriors

Community Relations Intern

March 2011

Oakland, CA

Sponsorship Coordinator

February 2010

Los Angeles, CA
Center for Sports Medicine

Volunteer/Physical Therapist

March 2009

Moraga, CA
Lotus Bloom Annual Fundraiser

Gala Chair

April 2009

Oakland, CA
Lotus Bloom Child & Family Resource Center

September 2007
Oakland, CA
Outstanding Parent Leader Award

Alameda County Broad of Supervisors

November 2000
Oakland, CA
Exemplary Leadership and Community Leader Award
Backstage Pass CNTV

Television Talk Show Host



September 1999
Hayward, CA
Additional Professional Experience:
The Score Card                                                                       June 1999 – present
Oakland, CA
Director of Operations
•       Demonstrated solid logistical planning for clients’ fundraisers, events, and program launches. Provided efficient council and managerial support.

•       Effectively handled various tasks on multiple levels with minimal direction from supervisors while coordinating entertainment and fashion shows.

•       Coordinated all activities on computer, handled heavy call volume, provided travel planning, handled audition booking, managed parties, developed a resource bank, and conducted appropriate setups for all events.

•       Provided individualized and group facilitation of fitness, health and wellness training

•       Provided life skill workshops and group forums for staff and clients.


Sunshine Motivation                                                          September 1994 – June 2005  Oakland, CA

Executive Director
•       Consulted and collaborated with other members of interdisciplinary Health Care Teams to enforce accountability and reinforce client goals and objectives of program.

•       Monitored and managed the Jewish Vocational Services Health Care Bridge Program which served 25 students per session over # sessions, while ensuring quality assurance and compliance.

•       Developed employment orientation programs to increase mission, policy, and procedure awareness.

•       Implemented individual and organizational development/action plans.

•       Performed case management services for students.

•       Executed effective leadership & academic development.

•       Facilitated motivational presentations for children, youth, and adults.


Licenses and Certificates


Oakland Fire Department


January 2012
Oakland, CA

Financial Literacy

June 2010
San Francisco, CA
City of San Francisco & City College

Case Management

October 2009
San Francisco, CA
Fred Finch & Alameda County

Play Therapy

July 2009
Oakland, CA
Alameda County

Anger Management

September 2002
Oakland, CA
Chabot College & Alameda College

Rites of Passage

September 2001
Hayward, CA
Chabot College & Alameda College


July 2000
Hayward, CA
Alameda County

February, 2000
Oakland, CA
Community Mapping/Outreach/Feasibility Study
Alameda County
August, 1999
Oakland, CA
Life Skills



Excellent references available upon request